Documents is your all-in-one pdf app now available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Android.

  • Merge structure and extract pdf documents.
  • Scan hard copy documents into pdf documents (iOS and iPadOS exclusive).
  • Resize and compress pdf documents.


  • Navigating your local and drive documents.
  • Sharing documents with activities such as Mail.
  • Creating new PDF documents.

PDF DocumentS

  • Merge PDF documents with other PDF documents, scanned documents and images/photos.
  • Change the structure of PDF documents by rearranging its pages, rotating its pages and appending new blank pages.
  • Extract pages from a PDF document into a new PDF document.

Document Scanning

  • Scan documents with a live camera feed in which a rectangular frame assists you and automatically detects and scans the hard copy document.
  • After scanning the document you will be able to adjust the four corners of the rectangle to best fit the hard copy document if it was not already scanned perfectly.
  • After adjusting the scanned document they will automatically be cropped, resized and compressed and ready to be exported as PDF documents with high quality and small file size.

Resize and compress

  • Specify your page dimensions, pixels per inch and compression quality.
  • Resize and compress PDF documents with these adjustable settings.
  • Reduce document file size while maintaining a high quality.
  • Automatically apply resize and compression to scanned and imported documents.